General characteristics of the hotel, for people with disabilities:

  • The hotel has accessible ramps leading from the entrance to the lifts as well as in public areas.
  • Low counter height.
  • Lift doors 80 cm wide.
  • Lift button panel in Braille.
  • Accessible toilet on the ground floor with emergency button with direct connection to reception.
  • QR information on accessible tourism at the entrance desk.

Accessible room characteristics:

  • Entrance door to the room 87 cm wide.
  • Light switch 67 cm from the floor.
  • Light switch with card at 1 meter from the floor.
  • In-room space 4.10 m wide.
  • Strong box 75 cm from the floor.
  • Distance between bed and desk 1.40 m.
  • 90 cm passageway with twin beds, wider in the case of double beds.
  • Wardrobe with sliding doors.

Bathroom characteristics in accessible rooms:

  • Bathroom door 84 cm wide.
  • Bathroom light switch 85 cm from the floor.
  • Bathroom railing 85 cm from the floor.
  • Hand shower 1 metre from the floor.
  • Emergency bell in the bathroom 67 cm from the floor with direct connection to reception.
  • Towel rail 1.30 metres from the floor.
  • Bathtub 85 cm from the floor.
  • Bathroom chair 57 cm from the floor.